Brain Breaks are an invaluable piece to classroom management, building class culture and community, and providing students with "rests" or "breaks" from the rigor of class! Since teachers have moved to virtual classroom settings, it can be easy to forget about how important Brain Breaks are! In fact, they may be more important than ever! Our students, most of them, are more sedentary now, than they ever are at school! Us too! I've gone from 30,000 steps per day to maybe 5,000! In this course, you'll learn valuable Brain Breaks that work GREAT for the virtual classroom! Not teaching LIVE classes? That's ok! I will talk about how to lead Brain Breaks in pre-recorded classes, too!

¡HOLA! I'm La Maestra Loca!

The thing that I am most well known for are the creative Brain Breaks or various ways I provide students the opportunity to get up and MOVE in my class! It is one of my greatest passions to share these ideas with teachers because when they report back how transformative their addition is to their classrooms it fills my cup!

Choose the plan that's right for you and let's start MOVING together!

Annabelle Allen (Williamson) was christened "La Maestra Loca" by her students long ago, but what she is really crazy about is building a positive, inclusive, success-oriented language community that promotes equity and anti-racist education. Annabelle's love of students, people, languages, and of life is contagious, while her deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of teaching for communicative competence will leave you eager and inspired to return to your classrooms and start implementing all of her strategies for equitable engagement! She's currently in her 9th year as an educator, teaching Middle School Spanish in New Orleans at Bricolage Academy. Annabelle has her Masters in Education with an emphasis in linguistically and culturally diverse education.